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Dairy Farm Loses Millions in Value

No farmer wants to find themselves in this situation.
Apart from the money factor, the stress is phenomenal. 

The Red Zone

Created by Environment Canterbury around Lake Ellesmere.

We were approached by a dairy farmer within the Red Zone. The stress was apparent without having to look hard at all. Now his problem was: -

He had a multimillion dollar farm, but he was absolutely over farming in the Red Zone. The decision was made to sell up and move on. This is when things went from bad to unbelievably bad. He had achieved all the environmental standards required to dairy farm in the zone – bar one. He could not find a way to reduce his Overseer®N leach down to the level that was compliant with regulations. The upshot, his farm was non-compliant and had no value as a dairy farm in the Red Zone. When he put his farm on the market no real estate agents would go near the property. There was no way the agents wanted to be involved in the very first test case of selling a non-compliant farm. They were quite justified, and the farmer did see their point of view.

We introduced him to the Fallain™ programmes. These programmes are science-based and, to cut a long, sciencey story short, allow farmers to run their farms like a giant sponge sucking up Nitrogen from the environment and drawing carbon from the atmosphere. The next step was to encourage him to sit back, relax and have some fun watching the transformation his farm would take. We required one full dairy season to put the Fallain™ programmes into action, so he took the farm off the market in the interim.

At the end of the season the farm had increased production by 3500 kg/MS, his animal health bill had halved, and penicillin use had fallen to an all-time low. No reduction in cow numbers was necessary. But the real test was his Overseer® compliance audit. This revealed his N leach had reduced from a non-compliant level of 36 kg/N/Ha/Year to a compliant level of 16 kg/N/Ha/Year, well below consentable limitations.

He achieved something many stakeholders in agriculture are looking for: - increased productivity, profitability and at the same time a significantly reduced environmental footprint.

The farm went back on the market and sold as a fully compliant farm with all the paperwork to prove it.

Overseer® has the ability to recognise and monitor good practice, Qlabs Fallain™ programmes provide the science of ‘good practice’ for farmers to achieve triple bottom line results.


To find out how to get your farm nitrogen compliant - and more profitable – contact us on info@qlabs.co.nz or simply call us FREE on 0800 85 77 33 

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