Sampling Techniques

Mixed Pasture Samples

  • When collecting mixed pasture samples, you are trying to mimic what the animal is eating.
  • Select the paddock or paddocks to be sampled.
  • Define, (in your head) a path across the paddock which will cover all the likely variation in composition and vigour.
  • Walk along randomly collecting ‘grab and twist samples’ of pasture at the tip of your boot – approximately every 10 paces and repeat. Pasture from nutrient-rich areas (dung and urine patches, gateways and fencelines, camping areas) must be included in the sample, make sure soil or root matter is not included in the sample. Remember you are mimicking what the animal will eat. It comes down to using your common sense.
  • We need around 500grams of sample material.
  • Place the grab and twist samples of pasture in a labelled plastic bag.
  • If the samples cannot be sent to the laboratory immediately, then store in the fridge.