Our soil tests are a comprehensive audit of the soil. They are carried out at our Central Hawke's Bay laboratory under strict protocols and conditions. Each analysis comes complete with a bar chart showing results and fertiliser recommendations which are soil and plant specific. Cation Exchange Capacity (C.E.C.) and required elements are expressed in Kgs/ Hectare of Desired Value, Value Found and Deficit. 


Qlabs forage testing provides producers with another tool for their 'information arsenal'. These tests offer a number of major benefits -

  • a measure of the actual nutrients available in the forage, and an indicator of nutrient shortfalls.
  • a measure of feed value (energy).
  • an indicator of potential animal health problems - for example, copper deficiency, prolapse, and nitrate poisoning.

Where applicable, the forage test will include a prescribed remedy to alleviate any nutrient deficiency.


By using the Nitrogen Utilisation tool, we can offer a pragmatic measure for farmers to assess how they can moderate N losses.


Along with professional agronomic advice, you will receive advice in all aspects concerning nutrient feed quality and conversion potential. Our laboratory conducts comprehensive assays of feeds available, outlining the total digestible nutrients, net energy and returns per dollar to the farmer. Feeding additional specialised supplements giving best possible conversion potential ensures on-going health of your animals and maximising reproduction, weight gain, meat, wool or milk production.


We test for Bacterial Coliforms and E-coli. Other tests include sulphates, phosphates, nitrates and trace elements including Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc. Comprehensive water analysis for residues etc can be organised through the laboratory.


We can now measure your soil’s respiration rate. From this we can evaluate your soil's ability to fix its own Nitrogen. This allows producers/farmers to apply only what Nitrogen is required, if any. The major benefits are cost savings, fine tuning nitrogen applications by only applying as little as needed. 

Balance is key. 

Too much Nitrogen destroys Carbon. 

Too much Carbon locks up Nitrogen.

Full list of Tests

Full Soil Analysis  
Soil (Self Service)    
Soil Respiration Test  
Home Garden Soil Testing
Full Feed Analysis 
Full Feed (Self Service) 
Ruminant Nitrogen Utilisation Efficiency (RNUE)  
ME (Feed)  
Feed Single Element 
Dry Matter 
Nitrate- Feeds  
In Depth Water Test  
Water - Bacterial   
Water - Extras   
Dairy Effluent