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Helping producers build healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy animals and healthy profits.

Qlabs & Covid 19

There has been much discussion here at Qlabs about the ever evolving Covid 19 pandemic. At a special meeting yesterday and informal talks today, we have made the decision to stay open with only skeleton staff. We believe we fit the essential business criteria but are awaiting confirmation. This means we are still able to provide our services to you but there will be a longer turnaround time. We are also initiating a 'drop off zone' outside the building, to keep social distance, for on site sample drop offs.   Ray won't be able to come and take samples for you but we can provide, free of charge, a self sample kit which is yours to keep. Ray will remain available via phone for any queries and/or concerns.

We wish you all good health over the next few weeks, stay calm...wash your hands...be kind to each other.

Kind Regards
the Team at Qlabs

“Our mission…

to work directly with farmers to provide personalised and accurate solutions,

building healthy soils, healthy farms and healthy profits,

using our scientifically proven, patented and trademarked programmes.”

Healthy Soil = Money in the Bank

  • Balanced nutrient status
  • Supports healthy plants

Healthy Plants = Money in the Bank

  • Higher nutrient dense feeds
  • Diverse pasture species
  • Pasture persistence

Healthy Animals = Money in the Bank

  • Less animal health issues
  • Increased animal performance
  • Less animal health costs

Healthy Environment = Consumers love your products

  • You can fully articulate your story - from paddock to plate
  • Reverse the flow of Nitrogen to the environment
  • Lowering possible nutrient loss to waterways
  • Environmental compliance
  • No stress

All the above equals a happy family and a happy life

The Qlabs programme = " The Fallain™ Programme"

 Healthy soil = Healthy plants = Healthy animals = Healthy environment = Healthy bank balance 

The Fallain™ Programme is designed to test the two primary components of your system - the soil and the plant. These test results will provide critical information, allowing adjustments to be made proactively. From these reports fertiliser, feed and nutritional programmes can be individually designed to suit specific systems - conventional or organic.

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