Healthy soil = Healthy plants = Healthy animals = Healthy environment = Healthy bank balance

Eco-agriculture at its most efficient

The key to making money in agriculture is ecological efficiency.

To gain this efficiency, you need to know: -

  • what is going on in the soil

  • what is in the feed you are giving your animals

  • the right fertiliser for your property

  • what a balancing ration looks like                               

We can help by: -

Soil Testing

Our ASPAC Certified Laboratory tests, then designs, customised fertiliser programmes to ensure your soil is optimised to capture and cycle Carbon & Nitrogen. A healthy Carbon/Nitrogen cycle = production, profitability & environmental compliance. Ecological efficiency will create soils capable of producing plants with higher nutrient density.

The Fallain™ Programmes - Feed Testing

Knowing what your animals are eating is of equal importance as knowing how much you are feeding them.

Pasture based farming now has the ability to be proactively managed with accuracy.

The Fallain™ Programmes - Soil Respiration

To fine tune efficiency we can test your soil for naturally cycling Nitrogen. If Nitrogen is needed only the required amount should be applied. Any surplus will have a detrimental impact on your profits and the environment.

Fallain™ Programmes -Ruminant Nitrogen Utilisation Efficiency (RNUE)®

NZ Patent No. 630767

Before your animals enter the paddock you will know what levels of Urinary N they will produce. Adjustments can be made proactively, improving animal performance and environmental impact.

To find out more about RNUE click here  

Proactive Management Of Urinary Nitrogen

The Fallain™ Programmes - Our farm

The Fallain™ Programmes worked on our farm, it will work on yours too. The Fallain™ Programmes have been developed to help producers get the most from their property while remaining sustainable, profitable and environmentally friendly.

Raymond Burr & Donna Campbell
Ex-farmers working for today's primary producers

The Fallain™ Programmes work on Conventional and Organic farms

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Fallain is Scottish Gaelic for Healthy. 

The Fallain™ Programmes  help create - 

  • healthy soils
  • healthy plants
  • healthy animals
  • a healthy environment
  • a healthy bottom line