• Is your farm compliant?
  • Have you got problems with downer cows?
  • Are empty cows costing you a fortune?
  • Are you sick of spending money on penicillin? 
  • Do you enjoy fixing lame cows?
  • How much are dead animals costing you? (at least $3000/dead cow?)

Outstanding achievements after adopting Fallain™ programmes

  • 36 kgs Nitrogen leach - non compliant down to 16 kgs and consented.
  • 160 000 kgs/MS - 241 000 kgs/MS with only two light dressings of Nitrogen annually.
  • 25 000 increase in MS on an organic dairy farm.
  • 56 000 to 78 000 kgs/MS, stopped using any Nitrogen at the start of the Fallain™ programme.
  • Not one dead animal, including calves, over a two year period.

To find out how to get your farm nitrogen compliant - and more profitable – contact us on info@qlabs.co.nz or simply call us FREE on 0800 85 77 33 
We look forward to working with you at the cutting edge of 21st Century technology. 

"Life’s good now that we are back in the drivers seat and animal health is an absolute breeze. To date we have very few cows with mastitis and no metabolic problems whatsoever."

 Dairy Farmers, Bay of Plenty

"We are happy, the accountants and bank manager are happy – it doesn't get much better than that."

Dairy Farmers, Waikato

"Colour of pasture a richer and darker green. Cows are well fed and producing very well. Only using half the amount of N as two years ago. Empty rate in cows dropped from 12% previous season to just 4% this last season. The only change in practice was the application of Qlabs recommended blends."

Dairy Farmer, Southland