• Problems with diseases? 
  • Sick and tired of all the chemical sprays?
  • Are your yields not up to expectations?
  • Only fruiting biannually?
  • Do you want to increase your dry matter and shelf life?
  • Are your flavours up there with the best?

    Outstanding achievements after adopting the Fallain programmes

    We planted our olive trees (1000) in 2001.... by 2010 we felt we were getting nowhere and began looking elsewhere for help.
    Through word of mouth we heard about Qlabs soil testing and growing programmes and in 2011 ... we moved to them for a soil testing / fertiliser regime.
    Since then the growth of the trees and the increase in crop yield has been quite dramatic ... we only apply the custom blended ground fertiliser as recommended by Qlabs... We no longer do leaf tests or apply foliar fertilisers. A huge saving in time and money!

    Olive Growers, Wairarapa

    "We have increased production by around 90% in our Blueberry orchard.
     We use Qlabs customised, crop-specific, fertiliser recommendations."
    Before Qlabs     1.5kg/plant
    Now                   12-15 kg/plant
    Achieved with 35+ year old plants.

    Mike Hosking's 7 Sharp Snap Poll - by popular vote, The Best Strawberries in New Zealand

    Berryfruit Grower, King Country

    The orchard we have been following your programme on for 4 yrs is Otaika Valley ... it is performing exceptionally under the organic regime ... I don’t think it would be over-stating it to say it would be better than most in Whangarei in terms of fruit size, crop load and tree health.

    Our other orchard is Tatton Road and we have not been following your programme but applying compost, compost tea etc. It’s doing okay but suffering from phytophthora more than I am comfortable with and not cropping as well.
    I have finally come to the conclusion of which fertiliser programme I should be on and look forward to your recommendations. (slow learner)
    Both orchards are organic certified.

    Organic Orchardist, Northland

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