It doesn't cost any more to get it right than it does to get it wrong

I had a rather interesting conversation with one of our Sheep and Beef farmers recently.
"When I first started working with you guys (Qlabs) I was killing 17 kg lambs. Now I pick all my lambs to kill at 21.5 kgs."
"That's great news," was my reply, "now let's run the maths on that".

If we use $5 per kg as an example value, then every lamb is now worth $22.50 more. That adds $22,500 per thousand lambs in income. The conversation then flowed onto the lost opportunity that faces so many farmers, simply by not getting lambs up to good weights. He put it like this -
"I still spend money on soil tests just like everyone else. I still spend money on fertiliser just like everyone else. But I'm getting some fantastic results."