Organically Grown Crops in the Lower North Island

If anyone doubts that great production levels can be achieved by farming organically, then read on...

In the first two years since starting with us production has increased by 25000 kg/MS.

An organic dairy farm in the lower North Island is producing 1000 kg/ms/Ha - that's 400 kg/ms/cow.
They milk twice a day, have very low empty rates - 3 to 5% - and of their 500 cows, 430 calve in the first 21 days. Imagine that! Most of your calving over in 21 days!
The farm grows crops of lucerne, rape and pastures consist of a diverse range of species. They run a fully self-contained system with surpluses harvested as silage and hay.
The lucerne is 5 years old and five cuts at 20-22 tonnes/Ha are taken off a year (the paddock still does 4 cuts at 16 tonnes/Ha in a bad year) - no irrigation and no chemical sprays have ever been used.
The rape crop is one of the best you can find anywhere - no weeds - no sprays!
So how do they do this? Excellent farm management skills based on astute observation and experience, underpinned by a soil nutrient management programme to support healthy, vigorous plant production. This in turn supports healthy, high producing animals.
Sustainability is all about nutrition - soil nutrition, plant nutrition and animal nutrition. Farm proactively and profits always follow.

Rape Crop

Post Harvest Lucerne

Pre Harvest Lucerne