Pasture collection method

Here is a guide for collecting your pasture sample for testing.

  • Walk through the paddock taking samples randomly as if you were the animal eating the pasture. We are looking for a representative sample of what the animal eats.
  • For cattle - wrap the grass around your hand (like a cow’s tongue) and pull.
  • For sheep etc. - use your thumb and forefinger to nip the grass.
  • Ensure the whole paddock is covered. Fill the bag (use a large Ziploc bag), pack the bag tightly.
  • Remove all excess air out of sample bag, this is important as it prevents decomposition.
  • Fill out the Submission form (link below) and send with the sample/s.
  • If not sending samples straight away, store in fridge. 
  • Always send fresh pasture, or any fresh sample such as silage, via courier.
  • It is best to send samples at the beginning of the week.