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The science is building

Recently I was visiting one of our clients who wanted to understand why he was getting such an increase in animal performance from his regen pastures. As we stood in the diverse species pasture, the conversation moved to: - you can't see it, so test it, don't guess it.

We took a herbage sample from the block that the cattle were about to enter. As we walked back toward our vehicle, there was an uncultivated area of the original ryegrass clover pasture. I suggested that we do a test on the original pasture to compare and evaluate the differences between the two. Once tested, we can now see why his animals perform so much better on regen pastures.

Below is a summary of the key differences between the Regen and Ryegrass/clover pastures samples, and they are mind-blowing.

Full Herbage Test Results are available on request.

These figures are based on cattle weighing 500 kg

Production Comparison

Let's feed these two pastures to animals

Take a 500kg, fully fed steer

Take a 25kg fully fed male/wether lamb

Take a 500 kg, fully fed Holstein Friesian dairy cow, walking 3km on the flat/daily

Take a 100 cow herd fully fed on this ReGen pasture. The farmer can reduce the herd size by 10% and still produce 46.6% more milk solids than the same 100 cows fed on this Ryegrass/Clover pasture.

Remember that old saying amongst the wise: - Animal performance is 90% feeding and 10% breeding.

Looking at the above comparisons you can see that both methane and urinary nitrogen are influenced by the animals diet.

This helps to explain that old 'chestnut' - it's not the cow it's the how.

These photos were taken December 6 2021 - 16 days after grazing!
The paddock was sown in Spring 2020 and is on a 35 day rotation.

Click here to see a slideshow of our client's first Qlabs Fallain Programme ReGen Type Pasture, utilising the "Amazon Rainforest Effect".

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