• Are deaths costing you a fortune?
  • Have you got bearings in your ewes?
  • Are your weight gains meeting your expectations?
  • Are you spending too much on animal health?
  • Is Johne's disease taking a toll?
  • Are your animals performing to their genetic merit?

Outstanding results after adopting the Fallain™ programmes

  • Five animals entered into Steak of Origin competition, over 2 years, and all have won a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal, including taking out the 'Tenderest steak in the competition.'
  • 180% lambing with only 1.7% deaths, including lambs from docking tally to sale/end of year tally.
  • Less than 1% bearings.
  • Deer farms no longer have Johne's disease.
  • 1.5% return on capital now up to 5.6%.

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