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Spring 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to spring and all the new growth that goes with it.

Ray's Talk.

A little bit about the weather. From observation I've noted that we always get an approximate 21 day period of rain during winter or spring. Fingers crossed that we have just had our 21 days of nasty weather and will now move into a more settled period for lambing and calving. This could be the best spring we've had for a long time. Be positive but be prepared.

You don't need us to tell you how the costs of agricultural products are tracking. We are in a situation that calls for rational thinking. To quote a well-used phrase: -control what you can control and don't get too hung up on what is outside of your control. Keep focused. Test don't guess.

Testing for nitrogen in your soil can save you from buying the expensive stuff.
Soil respiration analysis, known as a Solvita test.
Without boring you with the scientific detail, the Solvita test measures the volume of respirating (living) organisms in your soil. Why do you need to know this? These living organisms are working for you, providing your plants with Nitrogen and Phosphorus. From the test results you will know how many kgs of Nitrogen and Phosphorus - per hectare, under ideal conditions - the soil microbes are providing. How does this make you money? If you need to use Nitrogen or Phosphate we can work with you to calculate the right amount to apply.
Here's an example: -
by applying this technology to growing maize crops, our client used only 50 kg/N/Ha and still grew a 25T/OM/Ha crop. Generally most advice is to apply 300 kg/N/Ha.
This is triple bottom line science.

Did you know that we do: -
Contaminated Site Consulting?

Qlabs offers contaminated site services covering a range of activities with clients' needs in mind. These activities commonly include a change in land use, subdivision, or significant ground disturbance on a piece of land. We can help you If you require a report to fulfil the National Environmental Standards (NES) requirements or are looking to assess environmental liability as part of pre-purchase and pre-lease due diligence. 
We will establish whether the NESCS applies to a site by showing whether or how likely it has undertaken Hazardous Activity and Industry List (HAIL) activities. Examples of sites, but not limited to, that may be required to be investigated: -

  Sheep dip sites
  Fuel & chemical storage & handling sites
  Industrial sites
  Timber treatment, processing, and storage sites
  Horticulture blocks
  Shooting ranges, both rifle & shotgun

 Field data will be collected to identify the nature and concentration of the contamination on a site and delineate its extent to meet the investigation objectives. Various media (e.g., soil, groundwater, vapour) will be sampled for laboratory analysis and characterisation of the site contamination conditions. We provide a broad range of services, including:

Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI)
Detailed Site Investigations, involving sampling and laboratory analysis (DSI)
Remedial action plan
Site Validation of remediated land
Ongoing site management plan
Compliance monitoring associated with discharge consents

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