Winter 2018 Newsletter

Out and about with Ray

On the 26 June we were granted the trademark "Fallain™", which simply means healthy. Fallain™ encompasses what Qlabs technology delivers: healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy animals and a healthy environment.

How well does the Fallain™ programme work?

Since 2009 Graeme Dyke of Pahiatua has utilised the Fallain™ programme. Last year he entered two heifers from his Devon Stud into the Steak of Origin competition. They were placed Gold and Bronze in the British Breed:Other category. The Gold placed heifer went on to win the 'tenderest' steak in New Zealand. The Bronze heifer came in 8th.

This year Graeme entered two heifers and a steer. This year his Devons took out Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Steak of Origin. The tenderest steak hasn't been announced yet.

The Fallain™ programme starts with the soil and finishes on the plate, helping farmers produce what the consumers desire: - a fantastic eating experience. 

What's more, if you as a farmer were to provide your consumer audience with one of our soil test results and your fertiliser programme they would be able to understand it. Great taste, openness and honesty will win them over. 

Hello - Goodbye

We welcome a new face to the Lab, Edwin Njau (said Jau). Edwin is taking over from Rachel who is leaving to spend more time with her children. Edwin comes to us, after a stint at Hill Laboratories, with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business and Management. Rachel is currently schooling him on our test methods. 

Edwin's partner Jasmine has also made the move to the Hawke's Bay and is currently seeking employment. 

Rachel wont be a stranger (we hope!) and has said she is available for fill-in work.

Farewell Pete, you'll be missed, but never forgotten

Thank you to all of you who have visited with and sent cards/letters and emails to Daphne and the team at Qlabs after the passing of Peter. We all appreciate your caring. Peter will be remembered for his wit and huge knowledge. Ray and the Qlabs team will ensure his legacy carries on.

Focus Points - Look at the next key elements that drive your profitability

  • Soil testing - well prior to Spring applications of fertiliser.
  • Start thinking about the transition period between winter rotation pastures and spring flush pasture. Test don't guess! 
  • One of the biggest monetary losses on a farm is through the death of capital stock  between now and the end of September.
  • Take time to be constructive. Calculate every ewe that dies at $300/head and every dairy cow at $3000/head as a reasonable guide. This is where pro-active farming really comes to the fore in generating income through reduced deaths.
  • When you consider the costs of getting it right, it's chicken feed compared to calculating out losses that can be prevented

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